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Coffee Tips

Coffee Tips - Here are some quick coffee tips to help you make a good cup of coffee.

How to Make Coffee - Tips on how to make coffee so that you will get the most out of your Volcanica gourmet coffee beans.

How to Brew Coffee - The basic principal that is common to all types of brewing methods is to soak ground coffee in hot water to extract the flavor and aroma. Since the drip coffee method is the most popular method, this article will focus on brewing the best cup from your drip coffee maker.

How to Make Good Coffee with Better Water- In many parts of the United States, water may have been potable, meaning it was disease-free and safe to drink, but that didn't mean it tasted good. That bad taste in a glass of water translated into an off taste in anything cooked, with water added, and beverages like coffee brewed with water.

Grinding Gourmet Coffee Beans - The type of coffee grind that you use is important in order to properly match the type of brewing method you will be using. The objective is to get the most flavor out of the ground beans when infused with hot water. The fast rule of thumb is the faster the infusion the finer the grind.

Perfect Cup of Coffee - Like anything else in life there is bad, just okay and then there is perfect. To get to perfection you really need the knowledge on how to do it and the motivation.



About Us - Volcanica Coffee Company - It all started with frequent trips back to our homeland in Costa Rica. For some reason, coffee in Costa Rica had tremendous flavor and aroma.

Guarantee & Contact Us - If for any reason you or those who received your gifts are not wholly satisfied with them, we will replace them or offer a full refund.

Security & Privacy Guarantee -Buy Gourmet Coffee Online - Your online credit card transactions are secure with Volcanica Coffee. We use Secure Socket Layering (SSL), the industry-standard encryption technology that ensures safe Internet transmission of your personal information.

Volcanica Coffee Press Releases - Our list of previous press announcements that have been issued to the public and news wires.

Gourmet Coffee Gift Wrap - Give a remarkable gourmet coffee gift from Volcanica Coffee.  To make it even easier for you we offer Gift Bag for $3.95 per item.

Help Tsunami Victims - Please help the relief efforts for the victims from the Tsunami. We are very concerned at the devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami that has hit many parts of Asia and east Africa including one of the great coffee growing regions of Sumatra.

Buy Costa Rica Coffee - One of the finest coffees in the world with a smooth and rich taste.

Costa Rican Estate Coffee - One of the finest estate gourmet coffees from the highly regarded Costa Rican Tarrazu region.

100% Kona Coffee - 100% Kona Coffee from the big island. This is the pure 100% Kona Coffee famous through out the world as one of the finest gourmet coffees.

Pure Kona Coffee - Pure Kona Coffee from the big island. This is the pure Kona Coffee famous through out the U.S. as one of the finest gourmet coffees.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Beans - Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Beans that are 100% pure. Imported directly from the Jamaican Blue Mountains, these coffee beans are the most famous gourmet coffees in the world.

Customer Testimonials and Coffee Reviews - We are very proud that we have a long list of customer that rave about Volcanica Coffee.

Resource Links - Links to various web sites.

Volcanica Gourmet Coffee E-Mails - Here you will find the archive of past e-mails sent to customers with special offers and offerings.

Gourmet Coffee Beans Blog - Posting of articles and comments regarding brewing tips, recipes, trivia all about the world of gourmet coffee.

Gourmet Coffees Blog - Another Blog but with news and more information on the coffee industry.

Gourmet Coffee Blog - An older Blog with posting of articles and comments regarding specialty and gourmet coffee.

Coffee Articles

Information and articles related to the origins of Volcanica gourmet coffee beans and the coffee industry.

Learn About Coffee - This is the index page that leads you to articleHere is where you can learn about gourmet coffee, caffeine content, history, etc. We have various articles for your enjoyment and education.

Best Gourmet Coffee - The best gourmet coffee is from single-source Arabica beans that originate from the slopes of volcanic mountains. The rich volcanic soil combined with the high altitude and abundant moisture from the clouds produce a remarkable coffee that cannot be matched by any other variety.

Caffeine Content - Drug makers have to label the amount of caffeine content in their offerings, but food and beverage companies don't. This list of familiar products shows how fast your dose can add up.

Christian Coffee - Volcanica Coffee is a Christian Coffee company dedicated to living and operating under Christian principles. We believe that Christ has blessed us with this business and we seek to honor him through our stewardship in the business operations.

Coffee Effect on Blood Pressure - A fourth grade science project with the hypothesis "I think that a person's blood pressure will increase after they drink coffee.

Coffee and Exercise - Many of us start their work out in the early morning so there have been questions as to whether it is okay have a cup before your work out.

Coffee Health Benefit - Coffee can Easily be Part of a Healthy Lifestyle - Have you noticed that medical opinion about coffee is changing? Many doctors who once warned against coffee are having to reverse their opinion in the face of new research. In fact, there are many studies now that tout the health benefits of coffee drinking rather than the health risks associated with the caffeine in it.

Coffee History - Most historians agree that it was around the third century when the powers of Coffee first became known in Abyssinia, known today as the province of Kaffa. This is where, of course, where the name Coffee originates.

Coffee in Spain - When it comes to coffee, Spain is never mentioned in the same breath as France or Italy. Yet, coffee in Spain is as varied as delicious as that of its European neighbors.

Coffee Recipes - A collection various recipes to enjoy gourmet coffee. Some hot, some cold and some exotic.

Coffee Social Gatherings - Some consumers are on acid diets from their doctors or are looking for coffee that will not upset their sensitive stomachs or teeth. But coffee is actually very low on the acidic scale and there are many other types of drinks to avoid before looking for low acid coffee.

Remove a Coffee Stain - Coffee Stain Removal Tips - How to remove a coffee stain is not as difficult as it may seem. The problem with coffee stain removals is that most people will wait until the item goes through the laundry several days later.

Costa Rica Coffee Harvest - The 2006 harvest in Costa Rica. The Don Evelio Coffee Estate in the Tarrazu region sent us these photos of the harvest in process for our customers to enjoy.

Costa Rica Coffee Plantations - The infrastructure needed to export coffee to Europe lead to the creation of the large coffee plantations controlled by a few wealthy land owners.

Costa Rica Gourmet Coffee - Costa Rica coffee is full-bodied coffee with a deep, pungent flavor, excellent acidity, and a hint of smokiness. Beans grown in Costa Rica are the result of a unique combination of climate, elevation and soil. Just right - you can taste the special care that goes into every cup.

Fair Trade Coffee - At Volcanica Coffee we believe in Fair Trade Coffee which means paying our coffee suppliers a fair wage. This is not your typical company buying the good grade and cheap grade coffee on world markets then blending them together and calling it gourmet coffee.

Gourmet Coffee Bean - For the coffee drinker there are two major types of coffee beans. The Caffea arabicais the Arabica coffee beans which is the quality coffee of the world. Arabica coffee is the only coffee that is to be drunk and enjoyed without being blended with other types of beans.

Gourmet Coffees - As a rule the Arabica coffee beans provide the majority of gourmet coffees. The Robusta beans are valued for their high yields and resistance to disease and are widely used in commercial blends.

Healthy Coffee - Health Benefits of Coffee - Several studies have linked coffee with reduced risks of Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes, gallstones, cancer, heart disease and osteoporosis.

History of Coffee Beans - Coffee had been declining in popularity for a number of years. Chalk it up to inferior grades of coffee beans that proliferated from the 1950s on or to social revolution. The young people of the sixties hadn't embraced coffee drinking the way previous generations had. Rather than gather in diners for coffee, young people cruised the local hangout with paper cups of crushed ice and cola.

Shade Grown Coffee - The Volcanic coffees from Costa Rica and Kona are all shade grown coffees and have been verified that they comply with this designation. We personally inspect our farms to verify they are incompliance.

Specialty Coffee - Specialty Gourmet Coffee - There are two major types of coffee beans species but for coffee connoisseurs only the Arabica beans qualify as Specialty coffee. Arabica beans are the only ones to be drunk on there own, unblended.

Iced Coffee Recipe - A Cool Way to Enjoy Coffee during the Hot Months. Iced coffee is an excellent summer refresher but it has not received the attention as its cousin Iced Tea primarily because of careless preparation.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee - This extraordinary coffee is grown in the majestic Blue Mountain range in Jamaica reaching approximately 7,402 feet at the highest peak, thus making it is one of the highest grown coffees in the world.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee - Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is one of the most sought after coffees in the world. This "Rolls-Royce of coffee" has been satisfying coffee connoisseurs around the globe for more than two centuries and is famous for its exquisite flavor.

Low Acid Coffee - Some consumers are on acid diets from their doctors or are looking for coffee that will not upset their sensitive stomachs or teeth. But coffee is actually very low on the acidic scale and there are many other types of drinks to avoid before looking for low acid coffee.

Roasted Coffee Beans - Roasting coffee beans is considered an art, as the roaster needs to determine when the process has brought the beans to their peak of flavor.

Specialty Coffee - There are two major types of specialty coffee beans species but for coffee connoisseurs only the Arabica beans qualify as specialty gourmet coffee beans. Arabica beans are the only ones to be drunk on there own, unblended.

Tarrazu Coffee - Located at the more remote lands up the Pirris River basin in the Tarrazú Highlands, this Tarrazú county Estate represents the Costa Rican Tarrazú coffee character, where the coffee is clearly farmed for quality and not quantity, and the altitude is clearly in the cup.

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