The Kona Coffee Council is looking at changing the designation of what legally can be called Kona Coffee. Today it only has to have 10% of actual Kona Coffee beans and a blend of the rest. Volcanica’s coffee is 100% pure peaberry

Kona Coffee purchased direct from the farm on the big island. Here is an article about the issue.

Two bills have been introduced in the state Legislature that would create stricter requirements for coffee carrying the Kona label. One would require such coffee to contain at least 50 percent Kona coffee; the other 75 percent Kona. The current law allows the Kona name on packages containing only 10 percent Kona coffee, although that coffee must be called a blend.

Only pure Kona coffee can be labeled 100 percent Kona.

Although the proposed labeling requirements could help farmers who sell unprocessed coffee cherries by creating more demand, it could hurt blenders who mix the Kona coffee with cheaper imported beans and sell the result as a Kona blend. The Kona Coffee Council’s election brought only three new members onto the 11-member board, but some current board members fear that will be enough to tip the balance of power away from those who support the bills. Read the full article.