We have a few of options for low acid coffees and I have some tips on preparation. All of our coffees are Arabica coffees which are low in acid to begin with and what you want to avoid are Robusta coffee beans. Robusta can be found in the cheaper coffee blends you find in grocery stores under some famous name brands and are very high in acid. If the label does not state 100% Arabica beans then you can guarantee they used Robusta beans and are thus higher in acid.

Still in our Arabica bean coffees there are a few coffees that are lower in acid than the rest. You can search for "low acid" at the top left search field but this is what we have available:

Additionally I recommend to use a cold brew method that produces the lowest acid as compared to a hot brew. To do this you can use a French Press but steep it in cold water for about 12 hours at room temperature. You then strain the coffee grounds or push the plunger down on the French Press. You then can heat the coffee and to drink it or you can make it into an iced coffee.