The famous hot coffee lawsuit against McDonalds awarded an 81 year old women $3 million dollars. The Public outrage for self-responsibility was immediate. How can someone spill coffee on themselves then sue for damages from the company that served the coffee? When you look at the details and circumstances one may feel as sympathetic as the jury who awarded her the damages.

The lady sustained third-degree burns on her groin, butt and inner thighs. She had to undergo skin grafts and was hospitalized for one week. This was not the first time someone complained to McDonalds about their excessively hot coffee and the court revealed that they received at least 700 reports of coffee burns and settle suits for up to $500,000. It was not a surprise to McDonald’s that their coffee was too hot so this proved their negligence.

So you can image the little old lady who when to McDonalds trusting the brand with her safety. No wonder why the jury gave her such a large award.