Costa Rican coffee is my personal favorite coffee. Maybe because I am from Costa Rica but after tasting many fine coffees from around the world I still prefer Costa Rican coffee. Yes Kona coffee and Blue Mountain coffee are excellent but something about the aroma and rich flavor always bring me back to Costa Rican.

Costa Rica coffee is full-bodied coffee with a deep, pungent flavor, excellent acidity, and a hint of smokiness. Beans grown in Costa Rica are the result of a unique combination of climate, elevation and soil. Just right – you can taste the special care that goes into every cup.

Costa Rica produces excellent coffee. The volcanic altitude and temperate climate create the ideal growing conditions. It is full-bodied with the excellent acidity typical of the best high-grown Central American coffees. The flavor is deep and pungent with a hint of smokiness lying just below the surface. Costa Rica has a sunny, tingling acidity with a milder flavor. The complicated washed-method of fermenting and drying the coffee cherries creates this juicy tartness and clean refreshing finish. Volcanica Coffee has an exclusive relationship with farmers and cooperative in Costa Rica to bring you the best of the best. It is grown by a number of small farmers, and the finest beans are selected to produce the coffee the best coffee.