Volcanica Keto Coffee

Volcanic Coffee’s Keto Coffee

We have finally responded to your needs. You asked for coffee that would do justice to your metabolism, your weight goals and that would reduce your appetite while still giving you a much
needed rush, and we have delivered.

We are more than proud to present our latest addition to our attempt at healthy breakfast, courtesy of our organic coffee platter-keto coffee. Keto coffee promises a boost of nutrients of energy, calories and a ramped metabolism. The beans are loaded with caffeine to make sure that you remain energized for a longer while. As if not enough, we re-invented the entire processing of coffee beans, to ensure that clients are not exposed to toxins which are responsible for the spikes and falls in energy levels when one consumes the usual caffeine, which then increases their likelihood of unhealthy snacking. The beans are subtly flavored with cinnamon, to add to the aroma of morning excitation. We also provide an attached small pack of a range of flavors such as peppermint, green mint, strawberry and vanilla, for clients who boast of experimental taste buds.

Below is a recipe that we hope you will try out, for a whole new encounter with coffee.


You will need:

  • a)Volcanic Coffee
  • b)Coffee beans grinder
  • c)a blender
  • d)hot water
  • e)organic butter
  • f)coconut oil or MTC oil
  • g)your choice of flavor


Begin by crushing about half a cup of coffee beans. Then, pour the grounded beans into a mug, and add a cup of boiling water. Leave them to soak for about 2-3 minutes. This allows nutrients to be absorbed into the water. If one wishes, they can add half a teaspoon of their flavor of choice, into the mixture, and leave it soaking. It is advised to cover the mug, so that heat is not lost as fast.

Meanwhile, take about 50 grams of organic unsalted butter and put into the blender. Add about a teaspoon of coconut oil. Then blend the two for about a minute, until a smooth consistency is formed.

At this point, one can then add sieve the soaking grounded beans, and add the flavored concoction into the blender. Then let them blend for about 30 seconds.

The result should be a steamy and creamy cup of coffee that is full of flavor.

There you go! In your hands is a cup of coffee that is a meal in itself. Enjoy it while hot, with your favorite healthy accompaniment.

Health benefits

Your energy levels will increase, and remain that way for about 4-8 hours. That way, just a cup
of coffee will keep you going for a long while. We therefore promise to get you hooked, but not addicted.

We have included a range of flavors that blend well into the coffee, to ensure that your sugar cravings are suppressed. The butter and coconut oil will also keep you full for longer, as well as increase your metabolism. You can be sure you will not be adding any extra inches to your waistline. On the contrary, budget for a new belt. Or some new pants!

Our Keto coffee can be consumed at whatever time of the day, minus the guilt. Like we said above, it is a complete meal in itself. It is recommended as a pre or post-workout addition to your routine. We however advice that you consult further with your physician and trainer before embarking on it.

Finally, go on and make an iced cup of Keto-coffee to sip while at the beach; or soak the coffee overnight in almond milk. Just make sure you enjoy it. Do not forget to share the moments!