What are the different options to purchase Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee as a gift?

They are all very good so it depends on how much you want to spend. Here are the various options:

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Gift Box it the ultimate gift and the most expensive at $219.99 and it contains our regular JBM and the peaberry version. It also includes the Wicked Jacks Butter Rum cake and two biscotti in a nice gift box.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Gift Box, 100% Certified, Wallenford Estate is an 8 oz single gift box option for $49.99. The 16 oz bag of this coffee is below for $84.99

The other options are single 16 oz. bags of JBM which you can have sent in a gift bag. All of them are excellent but the best of the best in my opinion is the JBM peaberry:

Blue Mountain Peaberry Coffee - Clydesdale 100% Certified 16 oz $89.99

Blue Mountain Coffee - Clydesdale 100% Certified 16 oz $84.99

Jamaica Blue Mountain - Wallenford Coffee, 16 oz. $84.99