What is fairtrade certified coffee?

"Fair Trade" means a system for the purchase and sale of goods and products in such a way that domestic producers and communities involved in the growth and production of goods deserve a fair reward. Fair trade can also include a policy that takes into account the local production environment, and promotes interpersonal relationships, equity and sustainability.

Fairtrade coffee on the other hand can be seen as a coffee that is certified as having been produced to fair trade standard. Fair trade organizations creates trading partnership based on dialogue, respect and transparency that seeks greater fair play in the international market.

If you choose Fairtrade Coffee, you help the coffee farmers around the world who act honestly.

Fairtrade coffee is being produced and marketed in accordance with the severe International Fairtrade standards, and any beans can be traced to a group of small farmers who cultivate it.

Fairtrade fair price serves as a security web when prices fall, so that Fairtrade coffee makers can be sure they will receive a price that will cover the average cost of sustainable production.

Here are some Fairtrade coffee's you can find in our shop:

Kona Coffee Hawaiian Gourmet Blend 16 oz

Blue Mountain Coffee - Clydesdale 100% Certified 16 oz

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Decaf Coffee 16 oz

Half Caff Coffee - Half Caffeine Coffee, Volcanica House Blend 16 oz

Nepal Himalayan Coffee 16 oz

African Safari Coffee Blend 16 oz

Kopi Luwak Coffee 16 oz

Malawi Peaberry Coffee 16 oz

Almost 85% of Fairtrade Certified Coffee is also organic. Although a fair organic trade in coffee is usually more expensive. The following list contains some good reasons why you should consider the support of the international coffee making community on the basis of fair trade, despite the slightly higher cost;


They keep a fair price for the products. Certified Fairtrade Coffee comes with a base price set by the International Organization of Trade Labels. You're doing a service by paying a fair price and helping the family of that farmer. 


When you buy Fairtrade certified coffee you help employees, organizations, and communities involved in production trying to earn income. This is a direct support to the practice of using goods where free minimum people have access to food, shelter, medical care and basic education.


Organically grown coffee is growing steadily more slowly but under the peak of rain. It was also grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides, so that the coffee could store all nutrients.

During the pressing process, the organic resin is processed without the use of harsh chemicals that are most commonly used in non-organic beans. In addition, organic coffee plants produce a soil that contains a complex food base. These plants can then feed the nutrients in the beans slowly and evenly and give the beans a strong and delicate taste. It also allows local land to preserve their complex nutrient base (as opposed to poorly ground soils in healthy coffee plantations). Organic Fair Trade coffee is better for your health. As the demand for coffee in the world increases, the production of coffee in large quantities causes a deterioration in the quality of the product.