Q: I just bought an automatic espresso maker and it recommends not using oily beans and I like flavored coffees, what medium or light roasted coffee bean do you recommend?

A: The problem with flavored coffees is that the flavor tends to stick in machines like an automatic espresso maker and you will taste it for a while after you switch to regular beans. The coffee flavoring is a part of the oil that you see in flavored beans so you will find it in all of those types of beans.

You can use flavored beans but you will then need to clean your espresso maker every so often to remove the oil build up. The other and better option for that type of machine is to only use medium or light roasted coffee bean which are not oily. Dark roasted beans have oil.

Our most popular medium roast coffees are the Blue Mountain Peaberry Coffee, Costa Rica Peaberry, Kona Peaberry. These are full of flavor and really stand out as the best coffees in the world.

If you would like other choices look at all of our Peaberry or Estate Coffees and exclude the few that are dark roasted.