Coffee Canister, Stainless Steel, Large 58 fl. oz

Volcanica Coffee
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Our stainless steel coffee canister was designed to keep your coffee fresh. With a unique C02 release valve, our coffee storage system offers an innovative way to maintain your freshly roasted Volcanica Coffee. This will preserve the flavor, aroma, and the potency of the coffee. 

  • Flavor Savor: Your quality coffee deserves to be preserved until you are read to drink up. Keep it in our stainless steel canister without compromising taste and freshness.
  • Freshness In, Moisture Out: Our coffee canister features a locking airtight lid to prevent moisture, light and CO2 from entering that deteriorates coffee. Our canister keeps these enemies away so you enjoy only the best cup of coffee.
  • Track Freshness: The lid can track coffee purchase or expiration date to help you know you are serving the freshest beans.
  • Store Right, Airtight: Holds 1 lb. of coffee or 58 fluid ounces. We pride ourselves on supplying your gourmet coffee with a beautiful, affordable and safe storage for the perfect brew.

The time is now, make the investment in your morning cup of coffee and keep it fresh. Your body and mind will thank you for it.