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Volcanica Coffee

Decaf Gourmet Coffee

Swiss Water Decaf Gourmet Coffee

Our decaf gourmet coffee uses a Swiss Water Process. This is 100% chemical free producing the best tasting decaf coffee. Roasted only when your place your order.

The Decaf Gourmet Coffee Swiss Water Process

The Swiss Water Process (SWP) is a patented process for decaffeinating gourmet coffee that uses only water and the results in the best tasting decaf gourmet coffee. All of our decaf gourmet coffees are processed by the chemical free and all natural Swiss Water Process.

First, we start with the finest single origin coffee estate and gourmet coffee beans. The coffee beans are soaked and cleaned in water, saturated partially with coffee flavor solids, in preparation for caffeine extraction. Then, the coffee beans are immersed in the flavor-charged water.

Decaf Gourmet Coffee Swiss Water Process

The caffeine diffuses from the beans into the water. Since the concentration of flavor components in the bean and in the water are the same, the flavor is intact and only the caffeine is removed. The water is then sent through a carbon filter trapping the caffeine. Then the caffeine-free, flavor-charged is back to soak the gourmet coffee beans again to removing additional caffeine. This process lasts for approximately 8 hours which will leave the gourmet coffee beans 99.9% caffeine-free and the flavor of the gourmet coffee bean intact.

Following decaffeination, the trapped caffeine is removed from the carbon filter. The caffeine chemical has the paste consistency. The caffeine that has been removed is then sold to pharmaceutical and beverage companies. The now decaf gourmet coffee beans are then shipped back to Volcanica Coffee ready to be roasted.

This chemical free and natural method using water ensures the high quality flavor and quality that is expected in a fine gourmet coffee. This method is more expensive than other traditional decaffeination processes but it is important to maintain a high quality standard in all of our decaf gourmet coffees. The end result is the best tasting decaffeinated coffee.

Our coffee bags have the Swiss Water Process label which designates that this is a decaf type of coffee.

Decaf Gourmet Coffee

Decaffeinated coffee has long been the bane of many a coffee purist's existence. Improved caffeine extraction techniques have allowed the much-prized flavor and aroma of coffee to be better preserved for the enjoyment of those who abstain from caffeine. The best gourmet coffee is made from the best Arabica beans. Robusta beans are never used because the flavor they impart lacks the rich smoothness that an Arabica coffee beans yields. Volcanica only uses the very best Arabica beans for its decaf gourmet coffee. Only Arabica beans are used, and not Robusta, nor do we blend Arabica with Robusta, a practice which dilutes the quality of the coffee. The Arabica beans used by Volcanica are grown in hot, dry areas at high altitudes in the regions of extinct volcanic mountains. The unique climate and terrain there results in a denser coffee bean that packs a real flavor punch compared to Robusta beans.

There is a wide variety of decaf gourmet coffee currently available, but some magic is beyond our ken to work; if you're looking to buy decaf gourmet coffees from the legendary Jamaican Blue Mountain region or Ethiopia to enjoy their rich flavor and aroma without the caffeine, then you're sadly out of luck. This is because Volcanica extracts 99.9% of all the caffeine to make our decaf coffee, and the richness of the Jamaican and Ethiopian coffees are largely due to their caffeine content.

Purists often look askance at the mere mention of coffee without the caffeine, but it shouldn't be a matter of shame if you want to buy decaf gourmet coffees. Decaf gourmet coffees are an excellent option for the health-conscious or those who are unable to take caffeine to enjoy the taste of gourmet coffee without worrying about the side effects.

The Decaffeination Process of Gourmet Coffee

The decaffeination process that produces decaf gourmet coffee can be shrouded in mystery. The caffeine removal process takes place before the beans are roasted, using only green, unroasted coffee beans.

Commonly, the process by which caffeine is removed from green coffee beans is termed the European method. It involves the addition of a chemical solvent such as methylene chloride or ethyl acetate to green coffee beans soaking in water. This absorbs the caffeine in the coffee beans and solvent takes the caffeine along with it when it is rinsed away. The decaffeinated beans are then dried and roasted in the same manner as regular coffee beans. Decaf coffee produced this way is said to be more flavorful, but the use of chemicals, though efficient and cost effective, raises fears over its potential adverse side effects on health.

There is actually a much healthier decaffeination method available that is carried out extensively at Volcanica. We use the Swiss water process that involves absolutely no chemicals at all. All we use is 100% pure Swiss water. With the Swiss water process, single estate and premium quality Volcanica coffee beans are immersed in hot water that is charged with flavor to maintain the existing concentration of flavor in the beans.

Osmotic principles dictate the caffeine contained in the beans will then leach out into the flavor-charged water bath. This caffeinated water is then filtered through activated carbon which acts to trap the caffeine. The beans are prepared in this manner for up to 8 hours, following which they are dried and roasted to perfection, and only upon receiving your order. This process, while time consuming and more expensive than the European method, allows Volcanica to bring you the most flavorful decaf gourmet coffees without the headache inducing presence of caffeine.

Contrary to popular belief, the Swiss water process absolutely does not result in the coffee beans losing their precious aromatic oils and volatile compounds. The care which we treat our coffee beans ensure that your coffee drinking experience won't be watered down, proving decaf naysayers wrong when they exhort you not to buy decaf gourmet coffees. After having taken all that trouble to source them, there really is no reason to treat our coffee beans in a slipshod manner. We take pride in using the best green unroasted coffee beans for all our coffees. Our single origin decaf coffees, available in flavored versions, conform to European standards of decaffeination that require 99.9% of caffeine to be removed.

Lest you think the extracted caffeine is discarded without a second thought, it is actually removed in its paste-like consistency and can be used by pharmaceutical and beverage companies to manufacture medication and beverages. It's certainly reassuring to know that caffeine extracted by the Swiss water process is guaranteed not to contain any harmful chemical residues!

Why Decaffeinated Gourmet Coffee?

Decaffeinated Gourmet Coffee

Previously, it may not even have occurred to you to give decaffeinated coffee a try. The stimulating effect of coffee, both through its taste and aroma have firmly established its place in many lives. Even so, there are individuals who have been informed by their physicians that it is in their best interest to reduce, or even completely stop consuming coffee due to the detrimental health effects that can be brought on by caffeine. For some people, the idea of making the switch to decaf coffee is on par with quitting smoking.

Decaffeinated coffee has come a long way since its early days of being perceived as a substandard product. Thanks to improved caffeine extraction techniques, coffee without caffeine is available in as many forms as caffeinated coffee. For those who are unable to consume regular coffee due to medical reasons, decaf is a way for them to enjoy the deep rich flavor of gourmet coffee beloved by so many. The advances in caffeine extraction mean that coffee roaster no longer have to compromise on taste and aroma when it comes to decaffeinated coffee.

Is the worry about caffeine really as overblown as it seems? Well, from its initial beginnings as a daily wake-me-up drink in the mornings, coffee has evolved to take its place in modern society as a benchmark of taste, diligence and efficiency. Nothing describes a hard worker or aficionado better than the presence of a cup of hot, strong coffee. Bonds and relationships are formed and strengthened over a good cup of coffee. And yet, it has been demonstrated that caffeine disrupts sleep patterns, and has been known to have a hold as strong as an addiction in some individuals.

It should be possible to enjoy the smooth taste and sense of camaraderie that accompanies a coffee drinking session without worrying about the caffeine involved. This is especially true for the more senior among us or those who enjoy a post-dinner coffee. Decaffeinated coffee enables the taste of coffee to be enjoyed anytime, free of any negative side effects. With decaffeinated coffee, even people who are allergic or especially affected by caffeine have the chance to join in established social rituals and enjoy a good cup of decaf coffee.