Additional Reviews 

"Volcanica coffee has a wonderful and easy-to-read website, an excellent product, and amazing customer service. For my last order, I was amazed to receive my purchase one day after I placed the order. The beans are roasted only when they are ordered, and opening the package is a delight for the senses! I heartily endorse this merchant and am sharing my "discovery" with my coffee-loving friends. " January '15 - Anne

"I love your coffee! And your delivery is amazing! I just received an email saying my most recent order "has been processed and will soon be delivered to its destination." Well, good news, I received it this past Friday! Amazingly fast service! I am recommending your Brazilian peaberry coffee to everyone I know, and the Costa Rica Decaf Tarrazu has a lovely taste -- very smooth. Thanks for the excellent service! " January '15 - Anne

"Extremely impressed with service and quality of coffee. I've ordered a couple of times now and my latest order was shipped the same day I placed the order with arrival two days later. Excellent service considering I only paid for "regular" shipping. I've tried the Kenyan Peaberry and the Jamaican Blue Mountain Peaberry. Both are excellent tasting and the Jamaican is amazing. I was quite fearful of paying over $60 for one pound of coffee however, I assure you, it's well worth it. By far, the best coffee I've ever had. Shipping and handling isn't cheap at Volcanica, but overall would highly recommend this vendor. " December '14 - Rodger

"I thought I would take a few minutes to thank you for your excellent products and service. I placed my second order with you yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to see it will arrive tomorrow ! I've tried both your Kenyan Peaberry and Jamaican Blue Mountain Peaberry ... both were excellent. In fact, the Jamaican coffee is amazing and I wish I could afford to drink it all the time :) " December '14 - Rodger

"I got my order. Wow on the speed. Just to let you know I came over to you from Gevalia because they discontinued the coffee I bought from them. I was glad to find you sold peaberry coffee. " December '14 - Curtis

"It's always good to get another shipment of your truly excellent coffee. My wife and I really enjoy it and have recommended it to others. " September '14 - John

"I have been purchasing coffee from volcanica for over a year. My friend in West Virginia has been buying from for over a year also. We are both very satisfied with the coffee and the service. The coffee is consistently good. We would both recommend Volcanica as a coffee provider. " June '14 - Neil

" Best coffee ever. Honestly everything is excellent about this company, The price, shipping options, delivery, ease of purchase and customer service. We love it and can't wait to try every variety they have. The customer service is top notch and everyone I have ever dealt with at the company is fantastic. Maybe they let the employees have free coffee? If I got to drink this coffee every day, all day I'd be in a fantastic mood too. Delivery was fast. So fast in fact I needed to hide the box for a couple of days before my wife found it. It was a gift for her. The website is super easy to use. I see myself being a long time customer. " May '14 - Timothy

"Thank you very much! Your coffee is wonderful and we really appreciate you! " May '14 - Steve

"Best Coffee Ever! " April '14 - Timothy

"My friends and I really like your coffee. " April '14 - Liu

"Quick Handling and Shipping. Free shipping of 4 items. " March '14 - Glen

"Love, love, love the coffee!!!!!!! " May '13 - Sharen

"We have enjoyed the Sumatra Coffee we ordered from Volcanica Coffee Co.. It was what they advertised, (excellent coffee), the price was good, it was delivered when they said they would. I would order again from them, when the time comes. I have left "customer service" section blank as we have not found a reason to contact them. For us, a high quality purveyor. " January '13 - A.R.

"Well, it's official. You've ruined me. I'm sitting here sipping my first cup of the Blue Mountain Peaberry I got an Xmas gift, and it is hands down the best coffee I've ever tasted. The fragrance, the taste, the texture... the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Absolutely amazing. " January '13 - Caitlin

"Your coffees are fabulous, and your peaberries are some of the best that I’ve had. They’re not cheap, but your prices are reasonable for the quality of coffee (what’s the sense in saving a few bucks if the coffee is poor tasting?)?). Of course, I always enjoy a good coupon (Kopi Luwak taste on a Folgers budget...), and you’ve certainly found a new loyal customer in me! I really like the variety you offer, and I’m looking forward to trying the assortment I just ordered! Thanks!" April '12 - Julia

"A good experience!" April '12 - Gary

"My first time to order gourmet coffee online and was very pleased with services provided. I felt confident in my selections secondary to extensive information provided by the site on various coffee beans available. My order arrived surprisingly faster than I anticipated. Coffee bean quality was FANTASTIC! The price was a little higher but when buying beans that are $50 a lb I'll pay for the piece of mind that I'm getting what I'm paying for!!! Will be a repeat customer to this site." March '12 - Jorel

"I am writing to express how pleased I am with the service provided! This was my first time to order gourmet coffee online and was apprehensive (esp for selections like kona and blue mountain). I placed my order on Saturday evening and was shocked when my package arrived Tuesday night! I felt confident with my entire purchase thanks to the excellent reviews provided for the various beans available. Thanks and I will sure to be a repeat costumer!" February '12 - Jorel

"My second time using your service, the first was a delightful experience. The whole experience was excellent." February '12 - Robert

"I was very satisfy with your service so I am ordering once again your excellent real coffee. We are happier the next day fightings in Afghanistan." December '11 - SSGT Roman

"Fast, Accurate easy, thanks." July '11 - Frank

"This coffee is excellent! Very smooth taste. We are pleased with the variety of decaf flavors. We got free shipping and the order arrived in just a few days. Will order again." April '11 - Dana

"I am very pleased with Volcanica Coffee!" Nov '10 - Jerry

"Really appreciate the sale price and the quantity discount on shipping...and Great Coffee ." Oct '10 - Joseph

"Interesting range of products. Fast shipping. Responsive customer service." Oct '10 - P

"I had such a wonderful experience. The customer service is top notch. The coffee is incredible!" Sept '10 - Steven

"I just switch from another company. You are great." Sept '10 - Monique

"This coffee is absolutely the best. I dont think I will order more as the cost per lb is more than i think the exellent taste warrants (customer ordered Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee). It is like fine wine you get to the point where cost vs taste gets to a point you dont get the value---BUT make no mistake it is truly superb coffee so if cost is no issue I dont think you can do better--especially if you drink it black." March '10 - Ronald

"Good Smelling Coffee. :-) " Jan '10 - Bernie

"When I could not find holiday coffee anywhere in my area I searched the web. I found it is cheaper than local stores in California where I used to purchase it before I moved to Michigan. I could not order from the stores in CA but I could order from the web! I have my holiday coffee easier, quicker and cheaper. Fresh and delicious! I am happier and warmer am AWAKE!." Nov '09 - Cynthia

"Great coffee! Excellent service and speedy delivery!" Oct '09 - Bernie

"Superbly roasted. Even dark roasts are suitable for use in Super Automatic Coffee Machines. I highly recommend this Coffee Roaster. Great Coffee and outstanding, reliable service." Sept '09 - Hans

"Very Pleased with both the service and the product. They answered my novice brewing questions in a timely manner via Email. Quite simply - the best cup of coffee I have had to date!" Aug '09 - Pete

"This company is AMAZING! So hard to find flavored decaf coffee and they have plenty of them (including the yummy "seasonal flavors" which are available all year long). Love the fact that I placed my order with regular shipping on Monday and received my product on Thursday :-) I highly recommend them." Aug '09 - Bridget

"I have purchased coffee from volcanica many times, and have been happy with the results every time. They have excellent products and the service is by far superior to most the companies I have delt with on line." May '08 - Greg

"A most excellent and deserving company." Dec '07 - Thomas

"Incredibly fast delivery! Product was well packaged and arrived in perfect condition. I would definitely order from them again." Feb '06 - Maria

"My experience with this vendor was great. It was easy to order, was shipped quickly and I received it just a few days later. The coffee is wonderful. We are thoroughly enjoying the Blue Mountain coffee. It is superb. It was a bit of a splurge, but well worth it. " Aug '05 - Bonnie

"I am sitting here drinking my first cup of Kona Coffee Gran Reserve. I think I must have gone to gourmet coffee heaven. This is absolutely the smoothest most incredible flavor I have ever had the pleasure of drinking." - Bailey

"Thanks for such a quick response, your company rocks, and there is no comparison to the quality coffee you guys carry, seriously. Starbucks Tarrazu, Whole Foods brand Costa Rican, there is not another that matches the taste and perfection of yours. Thanks again, and I refer everyone to your coffee when they smell it brewing in the condos and hotels I stay throughout the winter and they ask for some." - Ben

"I could not have been more please and will certainly do business with this company in the future." - Janet

"Coffee delivered in time stated. Would order from them again. I love this Kona Peaberry coffee .. only I would rather go back to Hawaii to get my next batch!" - Robin

"The quality and pricing of coffee at Volcanica is incredibly good. Extremely nice packaging and gift wrap, too. Volcanica has their act together, and a great thing going in the on-line gourmet coffee arena." - Carlos

"My friends will tell you that I am more than a little fussy about my coffee. From the moment I broke the seal on the bag I knew that I was in for a very special treat. The wonderful deep aroma filled the kitchen while I anxiously waited for a full pot to brew. One sip of this full-bodied gourmet coffee, and I was completely lost in the incredible flavor."

"I am not affiliated with Volcanica Coffee Company, but if the quality of their product is any indication, they will be a tremendous success. If you are looking for an excellent source of gourmet coffee beans, I highly recommend ordering a few pounds for yourself and maybe even for a friend. A note on their website mentions that they guarantee their products to give 100% satisfaction. I am certain it is because they know that you will be hooked from the very first cup." - Cricket

Wow what a great surprise to see and smell my coffee so soon. I ordered on a Friday afternoon and I got it Tuesday...Fast delivery even over a Monday holiday weekend, Thanks - Colleen

I LOVE their products!!! - Lori

"Thanks for such a quick response, your company rocks, and there is no comparison to the quality coffee you guys carry, seriously. Starbucks Tarrazu , Whole Foods brand Costa Rican , there is not another that matches the taste and perfection  of yours. Thanks again , and I refer everyone to your coffee when they smell it brewing in the condos and hotels I stay throughout the winter and ask for some. Thanks again" - Ben

"This was my second purchase. I LOVED the Kona Gran Reserve. It's officially my favorite. The Costa Rican Reserve is a wonderful every day pleasure. Highly recommend this coffee!" - Melissa

"My experience with this vendor was great. It was easy to order, was shipped quickly and I received it just a few days later. The coffee is wonderful. We are thoroughly enjoying the Blue Mountain coffee. It is superb. It was a bit of a splurge, but well worth it."

"I loved both the Jamaican and Costa Rica from the last order. Looking forward to receiving this order!!!"

Wow!! I LOVED the Kona Gran Reserve. It is officially my favorite. The Costa Rican is fabulous. Your coffee is the best way to start the day! - Bonnie

"Very fast shipment and excellent product. Thanks!" - Chad

"A full flavored coffee, my personal favorite. Once you have tried
Costa Rican coffee you can never go back."
- Brandon

"Great Service! I placed my order by Tuesday and received it on Thursday. I received a confirmation immediately with a notification of shipment. I felt that Volcanica offered me good old fashion customer service with the conveniences of modern technology & shipping methods."

"I also found the information on the website to be very educational and practical. I was able to determine the type of coffee my family would enjoy by reading the description of the beans and regions. As a final point the 100% guarantee offer that the company offers was reassuring."
- Sarah

"Great coffee, very fast shipment -- Thanks!" - Carolyn

"This is simply the best coffee I have ever had."

"The first time I tasted his coffee I knew I was hooked for life and actually wrote a review that can be found in the featured articles on my blog."

"I have a serious warning for you though. Once you try a cup of this coffee, you will never again be satisfied with 'just a cup of coffee'"
- J

"What fantastic follow up and communication. the product is superb, and the company even better. I just wish that I could buy more from them." - Liz

"Just in case someone might wonder, the coffee was excellent...These guys are excellent!" - Joseph

"Volcanica Coffee site was easy to navigate. I received my order within 48 hours. The quality of the coffee is wonderful. We have enjoyed our experience and will continue to be customers."- Bella

"Excellent seller, fast delivery, a great company to do business with. Package was received in excellent condition and was packaged properly. Great on line service for seeing their product and how to order. Very good Web site also." - William

"Easy process. The Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is delicious, if not a bit overrated (it is very mild, and will please some tastes more than others). Volcanica delivered very promptly."- Patrick

"Excellent bold taste. I have already been talking to everybody I know about. Try it you will like it !!!" - Anonymous

"Excellent merchant. Great selection. Outstanding products - the coffee is incredibly delicious. Fast delivery. Highly recommended."- Guinne

"Excellent coffee, great price, very easy to navigate website. Volcanica is a leader in a very competitive market."- Mark