Kona Coffee Hawaiian Gourmet Blend 16 oz

Volcanica Coffee
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Kona Coffee blend from the Hawaiian Islands with 20% pure Kona beans. Very flavorful and full-bodied, a rich coffee with a mellow straightforward character. The remaining 80% from a selection of fine Central and South American coffees that perfectly compliment the Kona flavor. 

  • 20% Extra Fancy (the highest Kona coffee grade)
  • Medium roast
  • Roasted on demand


Kona "Extra Fancy" Beans

20% of this blend contains Kona “Extra Fancy” which is the designation of the highest quality beans from the island that has 8 different classifications. The grading of the Kona beans is determined by qualities such as rarity and size of the bean. With Extra Fancy as the highest, Fancy is second, No. 1 is third (I know, why did they decide to name No. 1 as 3rd place!) and Select is fourth. Any grade below the third should be avoided due to the high defect rate.

The Extra Fancy beans are the most celebrated for their large size, low bean defect and uniform color. They are the highest quality of Kona Coffee beans and at a premium price.

We also offer 100% Pure Kona Coffee.