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Seahawks rookie DK Metcalf partners with Volcanica Coffee company to sell 'Decaf Metcalf'

Volcanica Coffee, a gourmet coffee company, partners with DK Metcalf, the wide receiver with the Seattle Seahawks, after ESPN announcer, Joe Tessitore, mistakenly called DK “Decaf Metcalf” during the Monday Night Football game on December 2nd which went viral.Volcanica’s new Decaf Metcalf coffee was inspired by the slip-up during the Seahawks vs Vikings Monday Night Football matchup. The Decaf Met…

3 Ways to make your Coffee Habit more Sustainable

3 Ways to make your Coffee Habit more Sustainable In honor of Earth Week we wanted to give you some tips to make your coffee habit more sustainable. Since drinking coffee is often an everyday routine, making small changes can have a profound impact on the environment. We’ll show you how below!Invest in a Reusable Filter Many of us are familiar with the convenience of a single serve coffee machine.…