Burger King Corp. is in discussions with manufacturers to license its BK Joe coffee brand into grocery brand extensions that include bottled coffee, beans, ground coffee, coffee soda, and confections, the Broad Street Licensing Group said. “BK Joe is the hard-working coffee for people who work hard,” said Bill Cross, partner at Broad Street Licensing and director of food-to-food programs, in a statement.

The product comes in decaf, regular, and “turbo.” Cross indicated that discussions were already underway with coffee marketers, and will include new retail products such as coffee sodas meant to compete against energy drinks, and coffee-flavored frozen novelties aimed at a slightly older demographic than traditional ice cream treats. “BK Joe gives consumers another means to Have It Your Way ,” said Russ Klein, president, global marketing, strategy, and innovation, Burger King Corp. and president of Burger King Brands, Inc. “Broad Street Licensing Group s long experience with food brands gives them a thorough understanding of the markets we want to extend BK Joe into.”