Last week I traveled to Houston to visit a sick cousin. Having never been to Houston I learned a couple of thing.

  1. The hospital systems are a money making machine and keep everything clean and looking like new to keep the money flowing.
  2. No one eats breakfast.

I woke up early on Sunday and went for a drive looking for a nice breakfast thinking surely I would find a Denny’s or IHOP. Nothing! Not even a bagel shop or a greasy diner. I drove 45 minutes up and down the main roads by the hospital district and Reliant Stadium and found nothing. Then I thought Denny’s is always near a highway exit so I got on 288 and still nothing.

I had to resort to one of the fast food restaurants so I stopped at Burger King. Their coffee was called BK Joe so I said to myself “this must be the gourmet coffee that I read about.” A nice marketing spin so it must be good. Then I read a sign at the dispenser that said “Turbo coffee only available behind the counter.” Being a gourmet coffee aficionado I had to go the Turbo route or I would regret it the rest of the day.

So I grabbed my puny breakfast burrito and sat down to enjoy the Houston version of a gourmet breakfast. The Turbo tasted like they used a double shot of coffee grounds. Fresh but very strong. I don’t mean like a nice dark roasted coffee full of flavor but just a powerful punch of regular coffee. My first thought was to dump it out and get a regular coffee but then I decided that since I am a coffee junkie that I needed to tough it out and get the full effect of the BK Joe Turbo coffee.

In case your are wondering, I will refrain writing about the first lesson I learned since I don’t want to depress you down with the main purpose of my trip.