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Volcanica Coffee

Coffee Gifts

Looking for the unique coffee gift that will make them feel special for any occasion? Share your passion for gourmet coffee with our one of our coffee gift boxes or baskets. Each gourmet coffee gift box arrives in a beautiful satin gift box or wicker basket with a ribbon on top and your gift note inside. We offer a variety of coffee gifts for different coffee aficionados and budgets.

Best Coffee Gifts

Volcanica gourmet coffee gifts offers the finest premium coffees from the world over. Our coffee is roasted only when an order is received to ensure freshness, aroma and flavor appreciated by connoisseurs and gourmets everywhere. Gift boxes and baskets made up of the best of our selections are for those who can't decide on any one coffee from our extensive range.

The Pleasure That Is a Gourmet Coffee Gift Box

If it seems as though the coffee lover in your life has already sampled every variety of coffee you can think of, you might be at a loss eventually when it comes to getting them another gift. You'll have to ask yourself at some point in your relationship with this aficionado, how will you be able to give them something that stands out against the sheer variety of coffee-making utensils they possess and their overflowing store of coffee?

No two Volcanica coffees are alike, and it is our pleasure to present you with a variety of beans sourced from several exotic locales all over the world. Each variety has its own distinct aroma and flavor unique to its source, yet retains a characteristic smooth richness that that distinguishes our products from others and has proven to be a true source of delight for connoisseurs everywhere. Any coffee aficionado would be hard pressed to be unimpressed by our wideselection.

A Gift Of Coffee

For those who are unable to decide on just one type of coffee from the extensive variety of choices available in our store, or if you want a bit of everything, Volcanica gourmet coffee has an idea you might like, who wouldn't be thrilled to receive a coffee gift box packed with the finest gourmet coffee on offer? Volcanica prides itself on using only the finest coffee beans grown in the fertile, elevated plantations of extinct volcanic mountains. The unique location of these plantations provides a mild, cool climate that works in perfect harmony with abundant rainfall to produce remarkable coffees that possess exquisitely smooth and rich flavors.

Our coffee gift boxes and coffee gift sets are the perfect way to assist a gourmet in his or her search for the ultimate coffee experience. Each box contains three or four coffees which are beautifully presented in a gorgeous satin gift box and topped with the requisite ribbon on top. The coffee bags, each one a large 16 oz. size, nestle snugly inside in crinkle-cut paper. If you would like, we also take pains to provide a personal touch with a gift note inscribed with your own heartfelt message. Our elegant satin gift box ensures that no additional gift-wrapping is needed! Our gift box selection encompasses all tastes and budgets. Select from a choice of whole bean, drip grind, espresso grind or French press grinds for optimum enjoyment.

At Volcanica, a coffee gift from us puts emphasis on the coffee. Peripherals like coffee spoons, coffee candy or coffee cookies have no real roles but to distract from the stars of the gift box, the coffees themselves. Below is a selection of our thoughtful gift combinations:

Coffee Lover Gift Box

Offers the finest coffees grown in volcanic regions to the recipient. This combination contains the perennial favorites Costa Rica Peaberry coffee, Guatemala Antigua coffee, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee and Colombian Supremo coffee.

Classic Coffee Gift Box

For those who prefer the traditional flavors and aromas of a classic hot brew, this gift box comprises Costa Rica Original coffee, Sumatra Mandheling coffee, Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee and Hawaiian Kona coffee Extra Fancy.

Peaberry Coffee Connoisseur Gift Box

The artful choices that make up this selection are sure to please any coffee connoisseur. It's likely they won't be able to decide which coffee to try first when faced with a choice of Costa Rica Peaberry coffee, Jamaica Blue Mountain Peaberry coffee, Colombian Peaberry coffee or Kenya Peaberry coffee. Peaberry coffees are considered among the best of the best!

Signature Coffee Gift Box

A good selection to start a fledgling coffee aficionado on the long road to coffee curiosity, this set contains enough Guatemala Antigua coffee, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee and Colombian Supremo coffee to whet anyone's appetite for more.

Flavored Coffee Gift Box

If the straightforward taste of a good, strong brew seems overwhelming, you might want to consider trying our Amaretto flavored coffee, Butter Scotch Toffee flavored coffee, CocoLua flavored Decaf coffee and Hazelnut flavored coffee, all artfully presented to you in an exquisite satin gift box, as are the other gift selections.

Quality You Can Be Assured Of in Our Coffee Gifts

All of our coffee is sourced from the volcanic regions of countries that are relatively small on the global map but possess flavor of gargantuan proportions. It's no coincidence that most of these countries possess an almost tropical weather climate. This is one of the best conditions in which you can cultivate coffee. The magical alchemy of sunshine, generous rainfall couples with comparatively mild temperatures and produces the delightful dark elixir that possesses an outstanding, distinctive taste.

One such distinctive coffee is Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. Recognized and well known worldwide as one of the best coffees available in the world, Jamaican Blue Mountain is a coffee that is in high demand. It commands premium prices due to its popularity, but we at Volcanica coffee are proud to offer its characteristic taste to our discerning customers at affordable prices, whether as an individual purchase or one of the four types of coffee you get when you buy gift box. Whatever your choice, you won't be disappointed.

Getting a box full of coffee as a gift is considered a premium gift and we do not compromise on quality where our coffee is concerned. The coffee for each and every gift box is roasted only upon receiving your order. Each order is sealed in one-way valve foil coffee bags after roasting. This removes the air contained within the bag and guarantees that the flavors brought out during the roasting remain fresh and bright. Your coffee will not go stale nor will its flavors weaken as can happen when bags of roasted coffee spend ages sitting on retailers' shelves before they are purchased.

Anyone who has ever sipped a cup of freshly brewed coffee is likely to find it an unforgettable experience. The clean taste and bright acidity it presents often astounds individuals who have spent their whole lives guzzling bitter, yet nondescript instant coffee. Volcanica coffee offers coffees of single origin. You can be assured that we do not blend our coffee with cheaper or inferior beans to make up the volume. Our credo is to bring you the distinctive taste of the finest coffees in the world at reasonable prices without compromising on quality.

Details on the Gourmet Coffees included in Some of Our Coffee Gift Boxes

Costa Rican Coffee - Costa Rican coffee from Tarrazu is one of the world's greatest gourmet coffees with its light, clean flavor and wonderful fragrance. This small Central American country has become famous for their gourmet coffee beans along with their beautiful and friendly country. The near-perfect growing conditions of the rich volcanic soil and mild, high-altitude climate contribute to the awesome elegance of this world class coffee. You'll enjoy an unusually silky flavor, an almost buttery taste, a full well-balanced body, and a beguiling aroma that creates a wonderfully eloquent complex profile. An exquisite variety for your coffee gift box.

Kona Coffee - A rich luscious full bodied taste from the slopes of Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii with its rich soil, sunny mornings and abundant rainfall. The famous taste of the big island, the Kona gourmet coffee beans have become legendary throughout the United States. The Kona coffee flavor can be described as smooth, intense aroma, nutty and luscious. Awarded a top ten ranking as one of the finest coffee by Food and Wine Magazine in 2006. The Volcanica Gold is a high grade Kona Coffee bean. Premium gourmet Kona Coffees for your coffee gift box.

Blue Mountain Coffee - The Rolls-Royce of coffee regarded by many as the best coffee in the world. Blue Mountain Coffee is recognized as one of the most prized gourmet coffees world-wide and is in high demand. The most famous of gourmet coffee beans often in short supply. A connoisseur's delight made from the best local blue-green beans. A full flavor: it has balance, prominent fruit flavors, acidity and provides all the satisfaction one could want with a strong and intense aroma. A very clean taste, with a noticeable sweetness. The most expensive gourmet coffee in your coffee gift box.

For details on our other gourmets coffees included in these coffee gift boxes please visit the particular coffee link located on the left side of this page.