Costa Rica Coffee - Natural Process 16 oz

Volcanica Coffee

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Costa Rica Coffee Natural is grown at high altitudes on volcanic soil, where the cherries ripen more slowly which give it a rich and hearty flavor. This coffee is dried inside the cherry pod to give it a brighter sweetness and acidity. Costa Rica Coffee from the mountains in Tarrazu are known as one of the world's finest coffee.

  • Natural Drying Process resulting in a more floral and sweet flavor
  • Medium roast

CUP NOTES: Balanced, medium body and acidity

FLAVOR NOTES: Strawberry, starburst, orange, floral 

COFFEE PROCESSING: Natural Processed

DRYING: Raised Beds


We also offer Costa Rica Tarrazu Washed Processed Coffee.

We also offer Costa Rica Tarrazu in Decaf Coffee.