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Volcanica Coffee

Decaf Flavored Coffee

Swiss Water Decaf Coffee ProcessOur decaf flavored coffee are made with all natural ingredients and have no sugar, no calories and no allergens. The decaffeinated is made with a Swiss Water Process that is 100% chemical free producing the best tasting decaf coffee. Fresh roasted when your place your order. If you are looking for a caffeinated version of these coffees please visit our Gourmet Flavored Coffee page.

Decaf Flavored Coffee

Decaf flavored coffee is an excellent way to enjoy the strong, rich taste of premium Arabica coffee. The addition of fresh, interesting flavors does nothing to detract from the experience. Rather, the delicious aroma of spices and sweets serve to whet your taste buds before you even taste your drink!

Swiss Water Decaf Process and Bag Label

Swiss Water Decaf Flavored Coffee Process

The decaffeination process uses SWISS WATER. The Swiss Water process is a taste-driven, 100% chemical free decaffeination process that delivers a flavored decaf coffee that is 99.9% caffeine-free while protecting the unique origin characteristics and flavor. Most other processes use chemical solvents, like Methylene Chloride or Ethyl Acetate to decaffeinate coffee beans. This process maintains a clean original taste for our flavored decaf coffee. If you would like to learn more please visit the Swiss Water Process website.

Our decaf coffee bags have the sticked to the right to indicate your coffee is decaffeinated.

Decaffeinated Coffee Is Not Evil

Everyone loves coffee, but decaffeinated coffee, even flavored decaf coffee, has an underserved reputation of being a substandard, inferior product. The fact is; it's possible to enjoy coffee devoid of the accompanying caffeine without sacrificing the volatile compounds and aromatic oils that make gourmet coffee a drink that is a true pleasure to imbibe. The pleasure of having your favorite drink without the caffeine is further enhanced by the wide variety of estate and decaf flavored coffees that are available be from Volcanica Coffee.

Decaf flavored coffee is a much-maligned beverage in some quarters. However, a cup of decaf coffee won't bring about the end of the world. In fact, the reduction in caffeine can even be better for your health, especially if hypertension and its accompanying symptoms is a concern for you! Decaffeinated coffee offers individuals who are allergic to caffeine the chance to try out different flavors that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

Doing It As The Swiss Do Decaf Flavored Coffee

The process that produces flavored decaf coffee is viewed with well-founded suspicion sometimes. This is because there are suppliers of gourmet decaffeinated coffee that use chemical solvents such as methylene chloride or ethyl acetate to remove the caffeine from their coffee beans. Volcanica utilizes a completely chemical-free decaffeination process that uses only the purest Swiss water. This ensures the original taste and aroma of the coffee is preserved while at the same time removing nearly all the caffeine contained.

To go slightly more in-depth into the matter, chemical solvents such as those listed above actually adhere to the caffeine molecules in the coffee beans. This allows the unwanted caffeine to be rinsed away, but sometimes leaves behind a harsh flavor that defeats the purpose of enjoying a cup of gourmet flavored decaf coffee. Caffeine extraction with chemical solvents has also been linked with adverse effects to a person's health.

In contrast, the Swiss water caffeine extraction method sees green, unroasted coffee beans immersed in hot water over several hours. This process, which sees the removal of the unwanted caffeine as the water passes through charcoal filters is, admittedly, time consuming and costs more to carry out than chemical extraction. However, because the original robust flavor remains in the beans with this method, the contrast in flavors is amazingly clear cut, thus allowing Volcanica to provide coffee aficionados everywhere with the chance to buy decaf flavored coffee with the purest coffee taste.

Flavorsome Decaf Coffee

Peaberry Coffee Beans

So, what's the big deal with flavored decaf coffee? Flavored coffee is a delicious way to enjoy a large range of flavors. Purists may say it's a travesty to adulterate the strong, pure taste of premium gourmet Arabica beans with flavorings that are more at home in a cake. However, we believe that blending the very same distinctive flavor of excellent decaf coffee with the mouthwatering aromas of cinnamon or creme brulee only serves to enhance your coffee experience.

You don't have to worry about the sugar content or having to count your calories either with flavored decaf coffees from Volcanica either. Our flavored coffees contain no carbohydrates or calories. You don't even have to be wary of ingredients that may be allergenic to you! When you buy decaf flavored coffee from Volcanica, you can rest assured that our beans deliver the sublime flavors such as the smooth, sweet taste of butterscotch toffee with none of the accompanying guilt!

Flavored coffee actually goes back a long way as far the history of coffee drinking is concerned. It's certainly nothing new to Arabs who brewed their coffee in Yemen! They added additional ingredients to it for more flavors, contributing to the evolution of a beverage that was discovered when a shepherd caught his flock of goats chewing on the berries from a coffee bush.

Flavored coffee, both decaf and caffeinated, lets us play around with many flavors. Some of these flavors wouldn't look out of place in a dessert! For instance, our Chocolate Raspberry decaf flavored coffee blends the rich, smooth and velvety taste of dark chocolate. At the same time, the bright flavor of raspberry asserts itself in a sudden, tangy burst that is almost cheeky.

Good Flavored Decaf Coffee First, Everything Else Comes Later

As part of our quality-conscious practices, we don't believe in masking the flavor of inferior coffee beans with large quantities of flavorings and flavoring essences. We believe in bringing superior, well-flavored coffee that is freshly roasted upon demand, and not palming off substandard products to an unsuspecting consumer.

All the coffee beans that go in to every single bag of decaf flavored coffee here at Volcanica are 100% Arabica coffee beans of the highest quality. We also take pride in our uncompromising stand for quality by not blending our high quality beans with those of inferior grades. Our gourmet coffee beans are all sourced in accordance with fair-trade trading principles from coffee plantations that carry out responsible farming practices. This means that every coffee farm that supplies us also makes it a priority to contribute to its local environment.

Volcanica is proud to present you with a wide range of decaf flavored coffees. Take your pick from among a myriad of flavors that include the classic Amaretto, playful French Vanilla and Caramel Crunch for those with a sweet tooth. Traditional flavors like Irish cream and hazelnut have a permanent place in our selection. We also take pains to ensure that seasonal festivities aren't neglected with a decaf flavored coffee range that is irresistibly reminiscent of Christmas, including holiday season tastes such as Gingerbread and Eggnog.

When you buy decaf flavored coffee from Volcanica, you can be assured of flavorsome gourmet decaf coffee. Selling cheap coffee is at odds with our philosophy of making only the best premium coffee available. All our coffee is available in large 16 oz. size bags. Beans are roasted only when an order is received. This is done to maintain maximum freshness and flavor. Furthermore, our bags are designed in view of expelling excess air to maintain the taste and aroma of the freshly roasted and ground coffee beans. As with the other gourmet coffees available from Volcanica, our decaf flavored coffees can be ordered as whole beans, or drip, espresso or French press grinds.