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Volcanica Coffee

Gourmet Flavored Coffee

Gourmet Flavored CoffeeOur gourmet flavored coffees are all made with all natural ingredients and have no sugar, no calories and no allergens. We have a wider variety of flavors and even offer our holiday flavors all year long. Each coffee is fresh roasted at just before it is shipped to you. If you are looking for decaf please visit our Decaf Flavored Coffee page.

Gourmet Flavored Coffee

Many people say that in this world, death and taxes are the only things that you can be certain of. But they should have added one more thing and that is people from all walks of life love their morning (or evening) cup of coffee. Although most gourmet flavored coffee products have a bitter aftertaste, the coffee industry has perfected the art of making coffee, so many coffee drinks today are less bitter, more robust in flavor, and has an aroma that is equaled by no other drink. But of course only the best of best would do for some people who call themselves coffee connoisseurs. And that is the reason why gourmet coffee was born. Because there is a demand for the best tasting coffees, many have risen to the challenge and created the most amazing gourmet flavored coffees.

But before people looked forward to drinking their flavored gourmet coffee, some were actually hesitant simply because of the word flavored. For a long time, coffee connoisseurs snubbed flavored coffees of any kind and stuck to their good old gourmet coffee. So in this day and age, if you are still among those people who are wary of flavored coffee, don not be! Because there is such a thing as flavored gourmet coffee, you know. And not only that, the mind blowing choices will send coffee lovers hearts a-flutter!

History of Flavored Gourmet Coffee

So how was gourmet coffee born in the first place? Well, you just have to thank the Arabs. Arab scholars observed and wrote in their journals that people, specifically workers, who drank the concoction made from roasted coffee beans were able to work for longer hours compared to people who did not drink coffee. After that, the rest, as they say, is history. But now, coffee consumption is an art form that is not just for people who love or need to stay up late. Hence we now have our so-called coffee connoisseurs who could differentiate a cup of gourmet coffee from a standard, bought from the nearest grocer kind just by taking a whiff.

Many people think that flavored coffees only became commonplace today. As a matter of fact, they are wrong! Long before the ubiquitous cup of coffee landed in the hands of Westerners, the Arabs and other Middle Easterners found a way to add much needed flavor to their morning cup of Joe. They added spices like cinnamon and cardamom and other kinds of natural flavorings. And then, when coffee arrived in western soil, they decided to add cream, sugar and sometimes even liquor pretty much the same as modern coffee drinkers. So, whether you started drinking coffee early in the game or just started recently, you got to admit, coffee is a really good drink right?

Different Kinds of Gourmet Flavored Coffee

First, there is French Vanilla. French Vanilla is different from good old vanilla simply because of the stronger taste and aroma. Many people think of French Vanilla coffee as the flavored gourmet coffee version of vanilla ice cream. And why is that? It is because of its perfectly creamy taste that matches any kind of food sort of like vanilla ice cream. Next in the popular list of gourmet flavored coffee is the reigning royal of gourmet flavored coffees which is the Hazelnut flavored coffee. Hazelnut coffee is very pleasing to the senses because the taste and scent isn not overpowering. In fact, the nutty overtones just enhance the flavor of the coffee bean itself which makes Hazelnut coffee a worldwide favorite. Next in the list is Irish Cream flavored coffee. This kind of flavored gourmet coffee is not as well-known as the first two but for those who love Irish Cream, they would surely love this one. It has all the flavor of Irish Cream liquor without the actual alcoholic drink in your coffee. But not surprisingly, for those people who love their flavored coffees, Irish Cream flavored coffee is second in their list of favorite flavored coffees second only to the reigning queen of flavored coffees which is the hazelnut.

The following gourmet flavored coffees are pretty much considered as the dessert coffee kind. The reason for that is because all of these coffees have a sweet and rich taste that you could really consider as the finishing touch for an equally sumptuous meal. First in the list is creme brulee coffee. Many people love this coffee because it has all characteristics of a sweet treat but it still manages to stick to its roots and retain its robust coffee flavor. You will know that you have a cup of creme brulee coffee in your hands by taking a whiff. The aroma that a cup of creme brulee coffee produces is a mix of creamy milk chocolate, vanilla, and Arabica coffee beans. Another noteworthy dessert coffee is CocoLua flavored coffee. This kind of gourmet flavored coffee will bring back memories of tropical beach vacations and other random, fun, and carefree memories.

Gourmet Flavored Coffee, the perfect drink

When you buy gourmet flavored coffee, you have to make sure that it comes from a reputable source. This is to ensure that your morning cup of Joe will really deliver as promised. Gourmet flavored coffees are not exactly a rarity these days but finding the perfect one is still a hard task for some. But if the only thing that is keeping you from trying gourmet coffee is your reluctance to try flavored coffees of any kind, then why not buy gourmet coffees that have different flavors? Conduct a taste test for each flavor so that you will know which one strikes your fancy. Even the most discriminating of coffee connoisseurs found their favorite cup of flavored coffee through this method. So don not be hesitant if you want to buy gourmet coffee, why not, right?

Don not be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone. Think out of that parallelogram that you constructed yourself. Who knows, you could even start a coffee revolution simply because you want to buy gourmet flavored coffees for yourself and not for someone else.