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Volcanica Coffee

Estate Coffee

Estate coffees are considered among the best in the world since they originate from a single farm or estate and because the coffee beans are good enough by themselves, no other coffee beans from different farms or countries are added.

Estate Coffee

What exactly is an Estate coffee? Estate coffees are considered among the best in the world. And why is that? Well, when you buy Estate coffee, you can be sure that the coffee beans came from just a single farm or estate and because the coffee beans are good enough by themselves, no other coffee beans from different farms or countries are added. So when you have a cup of Estate coffee in your hands, you can be sure that it is certainly the premium kind that certified coffee connoisseurs will lust over. So why not give yourself a gift even though there isn not an occasion in particular? Or surprise a friend or loved one with a Happy Thursday! card and give him or her a specially made and ordered coffee? He or she will surely love it.

Estate Coffees can be differentiated from other kinds of coffee not only through the kind of coffee beans it has but also through the flavor, scent, and the whole coffee drinking experience itself. Many people actually prefer this kind of coffee simply because the flavor is very unique and not manufactured as some would say. The experience that this kind of coffee provides is very different from drinking other gourmet coffees. It is sort of like comparing a high quality yet mass produced dress to a one of a kind couture gown. Simply put, these kinds of coffee are not just your ordinarily special coffees because they are just plain special, there is nothing ordinary about it, and that is a fact that coffee connoisseurs the world over will agree to.

Most estate coffees nowadays are made with the environment in mind. Many coffee farms try to use the traditional method which is called the shade grown method. So when you drink this kind of coffee, not only are you giving your taste buds a roller coaster ride, but you are helping the environment at the same time.

Different Kinds of Estate Coffee

Do you know your coffee? Well, if you do, you probably know that the Kopi Luwak coffee is the rarest, and most expensive in the world. This kind of coffee is definitely one of the most well known coffees to date. When you buy this estate coffee, you can count yourself as one of the most serious coffee connoisseurs in the world. The whole appeal of this kind of coffee can partially be contributed to the process it goes through. Unlike other coffees, Kopi Luwak coffee goes through a different process altogether. A civet will be given a selection of the choicest beans and the civet will then choose to eat only the best among the best. After a few hours, the beans will be excreted, with the whole bean surprisingly still intact. These somewhat digested beans will then be roasted immediately, if there is an order that is. This coffee is really delicious and it has a somewhat syrupy texture.

After the Kopi Luwak, one of the most coveted kinds of coffee is the Blue Mountain Coffee. This kind of coffee is considered as the favorite gourmet-slash-estate coffee of coffee lovers everywhere. The price tag isn not as hefty as the Kopi Luwak so that probably helps. However, this isn not the kind of coffee that you can just buy at your nearest supermarket. But when you do buy estate coffee of this caliber, you will not regret it.

Another favorite among coffee circles is the much talked about coffee which is the Hawaiian Kona a very delicious coffee that has a full bodied flavor without the bitterness of regular coffees. It is one of the most popular kinds of coffee especially in the United States.

Colombian supremo coffee is another fan favorite that you should try. This is probably the coffee responsible for making Colombia a famous source of coffee. It has a very pleasant acidity content which does not overpower, and at the same time, it has a slightly nutty flavor coupled with the medium and sometimes full-bodied flavor.

There are other kinds of this specialty coffee which includes Costa Rican, Sumatra Mandheling, El Salvador, Guatemala Antigua, Panama, Mexican, Ethiopian, Kenyan, Yemen and Sulawesi coffee. Each and every one has a special taste that is distinctive to its region. Some are full bodied while some are light and mellow. But all are certainly delicious in their own special way. So whether you like your coffee rich and syrupy or mellow and aromatic, there is definitely an estate coffee for you out there. What with the staggering amount of choices, you wouldn not find it hard to find your favorite or favorites.

What Really Makes Estate Coffee Special

When you buy Estate Coffee, you can ensure that it is of high quality and that it is still fresh. Unlike commercially available gourmet coffees, Estate Coffees aren not exactly mass produced and most coffee farms or estates only sell their coffee products when there is a specific demand. And you can usually buy estate coffees either by going to the coffee farm itself or if this is not possible, by phoning or emailing the coffee farm and placing an order.

Estate Coffees are not just one of a kind they are also very delicious. Whether you are a coffee connoisseur or you just want to give a very special gift to a friend (a very lucky friend, indeed), then this is definitely the coffee of choice. Most coffee farm produced coffees that are sold today have unusual names the reason for this is because the trend is to use the name of the farm as the brand name instead of choosing to put the region name itself. This is a helpful fact when you are in the lookout for these kinds of specialty coffees. But some still go with the region name in order to avoid confusion in the coffee lovers part just like in this website.

Estate Coffees of any kind are usually full of flavor, character, and dare we say it, spunk. When compared to good old regular coffee, you can definitely see or rather, taste the difference. From the smell to the taste, you will see that there is a huge gap. So once you have sampled a cup of coffee of this caliber, you will never go back to drinking regular grocery-bought coffee and that is a fact.

Buy Estate Coffees from Volcanica Coffee. We offer Estate Coffees for sale across the USA and Canada.